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Planning for a driveway with a bridge over a creek



Sometimes there is no option except for a driveway to have a bridge that spans over a creek.

It is wise to consider the spans needed for the bridge when deciding the exact location for the bridge. The narrower the creek, the shorter the spans for the bridge. This also reduces the amount of space it will take.

FOOT NOTE: flood conditions, the water travels faster where the creek is narrower. To combat this, the bridge should be built as far above the flood level as possible.

Designing the bridge can be as easy as hiring a steel bridge manufacture. There prefabricated vehicle bridges over a creek for driveway bridge kits​​​​​​​ allow you to have a temporary or permanent bridge solution. 

Bridge Design
While there are a number of options to consider when designing the area for the bridge, an engineer should be consulted sometimes.

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Consider the width of the wheels for the vehicles which will be crossing when building your bridge. Remember that very large trucks have a wheel width of around 8′ 6″, pickup trucks around 6′, and compact trucks and most cars about 5′. This becomes far more important when using a single portable steel bridge.

Closing Thoughts
In the end, don’t forget what this project is all about; providing a safe, reliable, and long lasting means for the drivewaybridge to cross a creek. Remember that no matter how the bridge is built, it is still subject to mother nature. Bridges are in effect a symbol of our modern technology. Whatever your advantages will be for building a bridge, don’t forget to make it look good!